Disability Benefits For Conversion Disorders

It can be the worst type of pain to endure: the type that has no apparent cause, that seems to “come out of nowhere.” Perhaps you've been to the doctor, but he or she has not been able to identify any physical cause of your debilitating pain.You might actually have a mental disorder that is giving rise to physical symptoms; this is known as a conversion or somatoform disorder, and the pain can impact your life as much as any severe physical injury. When you are unable to work because of this pain, you deserve a Portland disability benefits lawyer who is dedicated to guiding people through the Social Security Disability process.

People who have somatoform disorder often don't even know they have it. Your physical symptoms might be so strong you are convinced you are seriously ill — frequently going to the doctor's office or even the ER — when in reality you have a mental condition that can be treated with proper care.

At JP Law, PC, Oregon attorneys  only take cases involving SSD and SSI claims — this means that we can devote 100 percent of our resources to helping people file claims for Portland benefits for conversion disorders with the Social Security Administration and appealing adverse decisions. Because we focus only on this area of the law, we have also learned just how significantly physical and mental pain impacts our clients and their families. That is why we are as compassionate in the consultation room as we are aggressive in the courtroom.

SSD For Somatoform Disorders

Conversion and somatoform disorders can be thought of as the opposite of post-traumatic stress disorder: They involve physical manifestations of psychological stress or other mental disorders. Conversion disorder often results in symptoms consistent with neurological disorders, even though there is no physical basis for the symptoms.

There's nothing wrong with getting mental health treatment. The brain is no different from any other organ that can react negatively to stress and other factors. Your brain might be making your body feel more pain than you need to, and the right psychological opinions and other medical records can create a strong claim for SSDI benefits.

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