Disability Benefits For Depression

If you suffer from depression, an anxiety disorder or any other type of mental disorder, no one has to explain to you that the effects can be just as crippling as broken limbs or another serious physical impairment. When your disorder is so severe that it prevents you from working, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits for depression or anxiety disorders. Having the right disability benefits lawyer on your side, however — one who is experienced in SSDI law and committed to helping you through what can be a confusing process — can mean the difference between being approved and denied when you apply for disability benefits for depression in Portland or elsewhere. That is where JP Law, PC, steps in. Portland, Oregon, attorneys Lisa Porter and Melissa Kenney practice exclusively in the area of SSD and SSI law, meaning that they spend every day learning every complexity of the disability benefits claims process and how to present strong cases to the Social Security Administration. Just as importantly, our firm has compassion for people who cannot work because of debilitating conditions. 

SSD Benefits For Anxiety Disorders And Other Mental Conditions

Depression is technically considered by the SSA as an affective disorder. When considering whether to approve a claim for disability benefits for depression from our Portland law firm, the SSA will look to see whether you have decreased energy, thoughts of suicide or other symptoms that keep you from doing even the most basic life activities.

Anxiety-related disorders can lead to eligibility for SSDI benefits if we can demonstrate that your anxiety disorder has resulted in persistent anxiety, irrational fears, frequent panic attacks, obsessive or compulsive behavior or PTSD-type symptoms.

No matter what specific symptoms you exhibit, your depression and/or anxiety should result in you being unable to do the things that are enjoyable in life: going out with your family, focusing while you watch a TV show, even getting out of bed.

It is important to have the proper documentation when you apply for disability benefits for depression or anxiety with our Portland law firm. These include test results, doctors' and psychologists' opinions and other medical records.

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