The Oregon Law Firm Of JP Law, PC

The law firm of Johnston Porter Law Office, PC has been in practice since 2002. Our Portland-based Social Security Disability Lawyers focus on personal injury, consumer protection, and also bankruptcies. In January 2012, JP Law's founding owner, Lisa R. J. Porter partnered to form the law firm of KP Law, PC, by merger of retiring attorney David B. Lowry's disability law practice. As of April, 2015, Johnston Porter Law Office, PC. acquired JP Law, PC., so that the practice could expand to encompass the complementary practice areas that JP law had continued to serve. JP Law, PC., is still providing excellent Social Security representation and Appellate advocacy to JP Law, PC's clients.

Our Portland Social Security disability lawyers serve clients throughout Oregon and Washington, as well as in California, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii and beyond. Dedicated in Disability law and SSD appeals, our firm welcomes people of all walks of life and with all types of disabilities. Our social security disability lawyers in Portland proudly represent many minorities and underrepresented populations, including military veterans, people of color, indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ community, and citizens in rural and remote areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Compassionate, Committed SSD Disability Lawyers

Our Social Security disability lawyers in Portland are not motivated by the money — we really care about our clients and the outcome. Our aggressive approach and desire to help come from watching members of our own family struggle with disabling conditions. We are attentive and supportive with clients, and even in court our philosophy is to present a well-documented argument with a pleasant demeanor. However, when our clients get pushback from skeptical judges or Social Security Administration experts, we fiercely respond to protect their rights in court.

We believe a Social Security disability case is only as good as the quality of the client's testimony. Some clients hold back on the full story because of cultural barriers or personal shame about their disability. By connecting with clients on an emotional level, we get them to open up about the details of their case that will matter to the hearing judge. We draw on our own legal experiences and life experiences, to build those bridges of trust.

Our social security disability lawyers assist clients through every stage of the disability claims process, from initial applications to ALJ hearings and appeals or new claims. Because we know our clients and the judges, we can anticipate the objections and present cases in the most favorable light — or pave the way for appealing an adverse decision.

We handle both SSD and SSI cases, helping clients qualify for every category of physical impairments and mental disorders.

SSD Hearings And Appeals

You paid into the Social Security system, and you have every right to receive disability benefits. At JP Law, we use our knowledge and skills to give you every advantage in SSD appeals against a complex and intimidating system that is stacked against you. We never treat you as a case number, but as an individual with real disabilities and hopes for a better life. We protect clients as if they were members of our own family.

Our Portland-based social security disability lawyers are members of the Oregon, Washington and Maryland Bar Associations, the federal bars in Oregon and Washington, and the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR). We welcome inquiries from individuals needing legal help and from other attorneys whose clients wish to file an SSD appeal.

The Oregon law firm of JP Law serves Portland, Vancouver and all of the U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit states, including Nevada and Arizona. We invite you to call 503-245-6309 or toll free 866-945-1978 for a FREE CONSULTATION, or contact us online. There is NO OBLIGATION to hire our firm and there are NO FEES unless we secure your disability benefits.