How Can We Help?

If you have been turned down for a Social Security Disability claim in Portland, you know that the Social Security Administration is a complex bureaucracy. It may seem that no one cares about your social security disability claim and need for assistance. Our firm has helped hundreds of people in Oregon, Washington, California and Hawaii get approved for SSD benefits, guiding them through the long, document-intensive process.

We invite you to a free consultation and a candid evaluation of the merits of your social security disability claim in the Portland area. You will find that our knowledgeable paralegals and staff care about you and that our team is a strong advocate for you.

Why JP Law?

  • We have a very high rate of success in SSD claims litigation.
  • We personally steer your case through the complicated SSA system.
  • Unlike many attorneys, we will help you prepare your initial application.
  • We handle all levels of Social Security Disability litigation, including federal appeals.
  • We thoroughly prepare clients for their Administrative Law Judge hearing.
  • We prepare a legal brief that summarizes your case and makes it easier for judges to side with you.

We like to get involved early in a case, but we can step in to help at any point, even if your Portland social security disability claim has been already been rejected by the Social Security Administration. We collect no attorney's fees unless we succeed on your behalf. Our fees are a standard 25 percent of your retroactive benefits, up to a cap of $6,000.

Providing You Personal Service

When our law firm in Portland represents you on a social security disability claim, our attorneys will remain in contact with you throughout the process. We encourage you to contact us whenever there is a change in your condition or you see a new doctor or have a question about the status of your social security disability claim.

Our office staff members in Portland are well-schooled in the social security disability claims process. If you need immediate assistance, anyone in our office can help you obtain the information you need. If you need to talk to any of the attorneys and they are not in the office, they will return your call as soon as possible.

Put Our Knowledge and Experience to Work for You

For a discussion of your rights and specific social security disability claims, or for aggressive representation in your Social Security Disability claim litigation, use the form to the left or call our Portland office today at 503.245.6309 or in California at (916) 678-9057. We respond promptly to all inquiries.