Disability Benefits For Obesity

“Will the SSA recognize my medical obesity as a qualifying condition for SSDI benefits?”
“My weight contributes to other medical conditions that keep me from working. Will that affect my eligibility for benefits?”If your weight meets the standards for obesity, you might well suffer from a range of conditions that make working difficult if not impossible. At the same time, you might be unsure whether your condition will be recognized for purposes of benefits eligibility.At JP Law, not only do our experienced attorneys have answers to your questions about SSDI eligibility, but we will also help you through every stage of the application (and if necessary, appeals) process. We know that our clients' pain and other impairments seldom fit neatly into predetermined “categories,” and we will be diligent in helping you tell the SSA your story of how your weight has impacted your life so that you can obtain the benefits you need.

Understanding How Obesity Impacts SSDI Claims

Individuals who are classified as obese have multiple paths to obtain benefits when their weight prevents them from working. Your weight may be considered a “disability” by itself if the effects on your life are severe enough. You may also be eligible through a medical vocational allowance if your condition prevents you from working, even if it does not fall into one of the categories for physical impairments. A third possibility is that your weight can be combined with coexisting or related conditions you have to determine that you have an eligible impairment that qualifies you to receive benefits.

Giving the SSA a clear picture of your condition — through medical opinions, test results and other records — and how it affects your ability to work is vital. We will prepare and review your file to make sure that it contains information favorable to a positive outcome.

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