Physical Impairments And Social Security Disability Lawyers

The Social Security Administration recognizes a wide range of disabling physical impairments and medical conditions. Yet many applicants who meet or closely match the criteria are still denied benefits in the initial stages. Our experienced Social Security Disability lawyers help clients gather complete and compelling evidence needed to win benefits.Based in Portland, JP Law represents SSD and SSI claimants throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii and beyond. JP Law Attorneys  have successfully handled claims in every category.

Portland Disability Lawyers Handling Disabling Pain Claims And All Physical Disabilities

We are familiar with all types of physical impairments under social security, including but not limited to:

  • Back and spinal disorders — nerve impingement or compression, stenosis, degenerative disk disease, vertebra fractures
  • Other musculoskeletal disorders — shoulder or knee joints, neck pain, loss of function
  • Neurological — epilepsy, migraines, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig's), cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, muscular dystrophy
  • Digestive tract — irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease
  • Malignant diseases — cancer, leukemia, lymphoma
  • Fibromyalgia and chronic pain disorders
  • Immune system — lupus, HIV/AIDS
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Respiratory ailments — emphysema, asthma
  • Heart conditions — ischemic heart disease, chronic heart failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver disease — Liver failure, hepatitis
  • Complications of diabetes — retinopathy, neuropathy, circulatory
  • Senses and speech — vision, hearing or speech impairment
  • Blood disorders — anemia, sickle cell
  • Endocrine system — thyroid disease
  • Skin disorders — severe burns, tumors, sensitivity to light
  • Multiple body systems — Down syndrome, congenital disorders

Our disability lawyers in are knowledgeable about the “Blue Book” technical listings for different impairments. We work with clients and their doctors to ensure that the medical records of their disability and treatment reflect the criteria.

Symptoms don't always fit neatly into one category, or don't precisely match the listed criteria. The SSA gives special leeway to applicants who are over age 50 or have multiple physical impairments. We also help clients qualify under the medical-vocational allowance if their disability does not match the listing but still prevents them from keeping a job.

Caring And Committed Representation

We help convince the SSA that your medical condition or injury is real and that you cannot participate in the workforce because of the impact on your life. Our disability lawyers help you prepare for the ALJ hearing, and we handle our own administrative and court appeals of denied claims.

Few firms can match our in-depth medical knowledge, our focused legal experience or the close relationships we develop with clients. We take the time to understand your condition and build a solid case.

Our Social Security Disability lawyers invite you to call us in Portland at 503-245-6309 or in California at (916) 678-9057 for a FREE CONSULTATION, or contact us online. There is NO OBLIGATION to hire our firm, and there are NO FEES unless we secure your disability benefits.


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