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Disabled Child Benefits Attorney in Lake Oswego, Oregon

If you have a child with a disability or other serious medical condition, making sure that he or she gets the necessary care is your highest priority. There are government benefits available to help your family, but accessing them can seem like a challenge. The attorneys of JP Law PC help people throughout the Pacific Northwest navigate the difficulties of receiving benefits from their offices in Portland. Social security disability benefits for children present require a unique approach from a law professional. We advocate on behalf of our clients at every stage of the benefits application process, from the initial stages of filling out a claim to preparing for appeals if and when an application is rejected the first time. We have a simple message to families seeking social security disability for children: Do not give up. We're here to help.

Although there are income limits that may prevent many parents from obtaining benefits for a minor child, it is never too early to begin planning for when a child turns 18. Regardless of what your income is, we can help you plan for your child's short- and long-term care needs.

Helping Families with Disabled Children

As experienced SSDI and SSI lawyers, we have learned that a strong application can greatly enhance the chances that the Social Security Administration (SSA) approves a client's claim the first time around. In order for your Portland family to be eligible for social security disability for children, you will have to meet specific requirements, and the SSA will want detailed information about the child's condition. We will go over all these details with you and help compile the necessary information so we can present the strongest possible application to the SSA.

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In many cases, it will be necessary to go through one or more stages of the appeals process before you you are approved for social security disability for children in Portland or elsewhere. This begins with a reconsideration of an application and can result in a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). We work to make this part of the process as manageable and low-stress as possible for our clients.

If your child has certain conditions, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or is deaf or blind, you may be able to receive SSI benefit payments while the SSA considers your application. We can help you evaluate all your options.

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Our Portland SSI attorneys offer a free consultation if you are looking for experienced legal help with filing a social security disability claim for children. You will be under no obligation to hire our firm by reaching out to us, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us.

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