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SSD Appeals Attorney in Lake Oswego, Oregon

You could describe the Social Security Disability benefits process as a marathon — one that includes hurdles that often deny applicants with legitimate physical and mental conditions from obtaining much-needed benefits. Remember, persistence pays. Like preparing for a marathon, obtaining SSDI benefits requires preparation, determination when encountering a setback, and perhaps most importantly, having a support system to help you along the way. Our Attorneys guide and support our clients through every stage of the benefits process from the initial application to every stage of appeal necessary to get their benefits approved.

At Empowered Disability, SSDI is our passion — in fact, it is the only area of law in which we practice, meaning that we have obtained years of direct legal experience that non-attorney “advocates” and lawyers who only occasionally handle SSDI claims simply do not possess. We know that the odds can seem daunting, which is why we combine assertive, strategic advocacy with a client approach that emphasizes personal care and attentiveness.

According to the Social Security Administration, the initial denial rate for SSDI applications has averaged around 70 percent over the past decade; fewer than half of all applications have ultimately been approved during the same period. This makes having an experienced attorney in your corner more important than ever.

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Oregon Attorneys Handling Denied SSDI Claims

The worst thing someone can do when his or her claim is initially denied is to give up hope. While the SSDI appeals process is lengthy, it is ultimately designed to give people with legitimate claims multiple chances to get the benefits they need.

We have successfully represented clients in the Pacific Northwest, Nevada, Northern California, and beyond. We stand with our clients at every stage of the process, including:

As experienced SSDI attorneys, we know the importance of building a strong case early and developing a record that will benefit our clients as much as possible during each successive stage of the appeals process. An essential part of our work is helping clients tell their stories and giving them every opportunity to help their claim; for us, the personal and emotional support we provide is as important as our legal advocacy.

Learn About Your Options if Your Claim Has Been Denied

Whether you have yet to file your claim but are already concerned about how the process will unfold, or the SSA has denied your claim at any stage and you seek qualified legal assistance going forward, we encourage you to contact our firm. We offer a free consultation, and you will be under no obligation to hire us. Email us or call today.