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Administrate Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing Attorney in Lake Oswego, Oregon

The Social Security Administration denies most disability claims on the first try. In fact, the vast majority of applicants are rejected on the initial application and again on reconsideration. The third level — a disability hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) — is your best shot at winning benefits. But even there many people with serious impairments are still turned down. The legal team at JP Law PC can greatly improve your chances by preparing your files and preparing YOU for the hearing.

Courtroom Experience · Coaching and Moral Support

Our experienced disability lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of clients in ALJ hearings. Based in Portland, we represent SSDI and SSI claimants throughout Oregon, Washington, California, and Hawaii. We have prevailed in mental disorder and physical impairment cases.

Our attorneys practice exclusively in Social Security Disability law. Our focused knowledge, legal skill, and true compassion set us apart:

  • We work directly with doctors and teach clients how to talk to their treating physicians so that we have detailed and up-to-date records for the hearing.

  • We get to know our clients and their limitations and struggles so we can help explain their disability in a way that makes sense to the judge.

  • We fight for our clients and make sure they get the chance to be heard.

  • We skillfully cross-examine the Social Security Administration's medical and vocational experts.

  • We intentionally raise issues on the record so that we can later appeal an adverse decision if the ALJ judge denies benefits.

Don't Face Your Hearing Alone

We Prepare You for The ALJ Hearing Process

Disability hearings depend on many factors — the medical records, the particular judge, the skill of your attorney — and your own testimony.

For many of our clients, the thought of discussing private issues in front of a judge is intimidating or even terrifying. We spend time with clients until they feel safe and comfortable enough to tell their stories to us. Our background in mental health counseling also helps clients open up about medical matters and personal details that may be relevant to their disability claim. This helps us present the strongest case and summarize the most important points for the judge.

Unlike other firms that send an “advocate” at the last minute, our lawyers spend a considerable amount of time with clients before the hearing. By anticipating questions the judge will ask and explaining what will happen, we lower the anxiety level. Our “bedside manner” helps clients go into the hearing with calmness and confidence to tell their stories. We support you all the way, even if it means literally holding your hand during the hearing!

The Keys to Winning Your Disability Hearing

It often takes a year or more to get an ALJ hearing. We help clients prepare financially and emotionally for this long and frustrating process. During that time, you can help your case by:

  • Seeing your doctor(s) regularly

  • Following the treatment plan

  • Keeping a journal (pain level, setbacks, daily challenges, etc.)

  • Not giving up hope!

We will take care of the rest and have you ready when it comes time for your day in court.

For a FREE CONSULTATION with an ALJ hearing lawyer in Oregon or Washington call or contact us online. There is NO OBLIGATION to hire our firm and there are NO FEES unless we win your case.

Whether you have yet to file your claim but are already concerned about how the process will unfold, or the SSA has denied your claim at any stage and you seek qualified legal assistance going forward, we encourage you to contact our firm. We offer a free consultation, and you will be under no obligation to hire us.