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Federal Court Claims Attorney in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Not all Social Security Disability applicants reach the point where they have to consider asking a court to review their file. For many whose claims are rejected at other stages of the SSDI appeals process, it can be difficult to muster the energy to take the next step, even when badly needed benefits are on the line. If you are wondering what options you have left, you deserve a law firm that won't give up when your SSDI benefits are at stake.

At JP Law PC our Oregon lawyers believe that our clients in the Pacific Northwest deserve a compassionate legal advocate who will do everything possible to get their claims approved, whether on initial application or through the appeals process. SSDI is all that our firm handles, and we devote 100 percent of our energy to every case we accept.

Skilled Federal Guidance

Federal Court Disability Appeals: What to Expect

Many assume that a federal court claim is the same thing as “going to trial.” In fact, at this stage of the appeals process, a judge is only reviewing the decision of the Appeals Council — that is, your file and the SSA's response.

At this stage, the ability to write effective, persuasive arguments and identify every helpful piece of information is critical to a successful appeal. Our attorneys leave no stone unturned when preparing an appeal, ensuring that the judges who review our clients' cases have all the information necessary to reach a fair and, in many cases, favorable decision for our clients.

While we will always be on your side, time won't always be. You only have 60 days from the date of a decision to appeal it. Seeking qualified legal assistance from our firm early will enable us to spend as much time as possible preparing your case.

If Your Claim Has Been Denied, You Have Options

If you have questions about Social Security federal court claims, contact our Portland-area office for a free consultation. Contact us today.