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Social Security Disability Overview in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a federal program that supports individuals and families. If a physical or mental disability prevents you from working, Social Security Disability Benefits can help to replace that income.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits can be confusing if you are not familiar with the system. More than 75 percent of applicants who file their own claims are turned down, but an experienced disability claims attorney can greatly improve your chances of winning benefits.

The Portland social security disability benefits attorneys at JP Law PC, represent claimants throughout the West and the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, California, and Hawaii. Lisa Porter-Lang, owner of JP Law PC is known for positive results in hearings and appeals and for compassionate and attentive client service.

Accomplished Lawyers Serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond

Social Security Disability is shorthand for two different programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Our firm handles both SSD and SSI claims, as well as benefits for eligible widows, children, and survivors of disability recipients.

Our Portland Social Security Disability benefits attorneys will help you find out if you qualify. Applicants often:

That is easier said than done. Many people with serious disabilities are denied benefits for lack of medical records or failing to prove their employment problems.

That is where our Portland SSD lawyers can make a major difference, especially compared to non-attorney “advocates” or big impersonal law firms. Lisa Porter-Lang combines her legal knowledge and close relationships with clients to represent clients effectively in ALJ hearings. Unlike most Social Security Disability attorneys, she also handles her own administrative and federal court appeals.

We know the main reasons why claims are denied, and the most common grounds for successful appeals. Our Portland SSD lawyers also know about special allowances for people who do not meet the SSA's listings despite serious health problems. (In general, the younger you are the harder it is to qualify and the more important it is to have an attorney.)

Wondering About SSD?

SSD Advice from Proven Attorneys

As experienced Lake Oswego-based Social Security Disability benefits lawyers we have learned that there are a few very important things to keep in mind if you are disabled, unable to work, and seeking SSD/SSI benefits:

  1. Don't wait to file — The SSD process can take a long time, often up to two years for an initial claim to be approved or denied. The appeals process can also be lengthy so it is important to get the process started with a Portland SSD lawyer as soon as possible.

  2. Get advice from an experienced attorney — Applying for Social Security Disability benefits with or without an advocate can be difficult. Unfortunately, the large majority of claims are denied. If your initial claim has been denied, it is a good idea to seek advice and representation from an experienced attorney to begin the appeals process. We can help guide you through everything to better your chances of winning on appeal. In addition to helping you properly complete paperwork, an attorney can prepare you for all hearings and keep track of important deadlines.

  3. Get ongoing medical treatment and advice — You have a better chance of being approved for SSD or SSI benefits if you regularly see your doctor for ongoing medical treatment and advice. In order to be approved for SSD or SSI benefits, you will have to show evidence and documentation of your disability.

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