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SSD Appeals Council Attorney in Lake Oswego, Oregon

If your initial Social Security Disability claim has been rejected, and reconsideration and even an ALJ hearing were unsuccessful, you might be tempted to give up hope. It is enough to live with the pain of your condition; when you face obstacle after legal obstacle, it is easy to think, “What else can I do?” While the SSDI appeals process can seem daunting, legal help is here for you.

At JP Law PC, attorneys help SSDI applicants in Oregon, Washington, California, and beyond at every stage of the appeals process. We want you to have every chance possible to get the benefits you need, and we can evaluate whether and how to pursue an appeal in your case.SSDI applicants have 60 days to appeal any decision made by the Social Security Administration. Speak to a lawyer as soon as you receive notice of your decision to keep open as many options as possible.

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Although the Social Security Disability Appeals Council does not review every case, in many situations it will be worthwhile to ask the Appeals Council to reconsider an unfavorable ALJ ruling.

If we successfully obtain a disability claim reconsideration, the Appeals Council may review your file itself or direct the ALJ in your case to review your file one more time. At this stage, we will look for issues that the ALJ might have missed when reviewing your file, or information that has become available since you first filed your application. Our Oregon lawyers know what makes for a strong claim, and our experience becomes your advantage as you seek the benefits you may be eligible to receive.

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