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A Quick Overview of Social Security Disability Family Benefits

Sept. 12, 2016

We all know that one person's disability can have a tremendous impact on their loved ones. It is never just one person who is affected by a serious medical condition or the inability to work. Because of these situations, the Social Security Administration has allowed for certain family benefits to be collected under one individual's disability record, but many families are not fully aware of the resources available to them. A qualified disability benefits attorney in Portland can answer questions about your family's potential to be included in a disability program, and you can also reach out to someone at the SSA.

There are many different family structures, and the SSA has tried to include provisions for many different relatives and the ability for them to collect benefits. Whether you have a loved one who helps to take care of you or your children, you have a child with disabilities, or another situation, it's always a good idea to look into the family benefits that may be covered under your Social Security Disability Insurance. Under this auxiliary program, benefits may be paid to your:


  • If they are age 62 or older or

  • If they take care of your children

Divorced spouse

  • If you were married for at least 10 years

  • They must be at least 62 years old

  • If they are currently unmarried

  • If they are not currently on anyone else's SSD benefit record


  • If they are under the age of 18

  • If they are between the age of 18-19 and are a full-time student

  • If they are unmarried

Disabled child

  • If they are under the age of 18 or

  • If they are an adult child, as long as their disability began before the age of 22 (they must meet the “definition of disability”) and they are unmarried

As you can see, there are many different categories that you or your family member may fall under, in order to qualify for family benefits through SSD programs. A person with a disability often has a spouse and/or children, who are also greatly impacted by the disability.

If you think your situation qualifies for any kind of family disability benefits under the SSA, get hold of our Portland social security disability office to discuss your questions and application process.

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