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Preparing to File a Social Security Disability Claim

July 21, 2021

Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits can take up to two years, sometimes longer in appeals. Although benefits are awarded retroactively if you get a favorable decision, the long and uncertain wait can feel unbearable. JP Law PC is sensitive to the frustrations and hardships of applying for SSD or SSI, especially if you have no savings, income, or insurance. Unfortunately, we can't do much to speed up the Social Security Administration or move your case to the front of the line. But we can offer advice and support during the SSD claims process and help you locate resources to bridge the gap until you receive disability benefits.

Planning, Resources, and Support for a Long Process

Social Security Disability provides benefits back to the date of your application (but not all the way back to the onset of your condition). In the meantime, you may be struggling emotionally and financially. Our compassionate lawyers are not only concerned with the legal issues — we try to help the whole person. We are available to provide what assistance we can or point you to resources:

  • Expedited claims — The Social Security Administration (SSA) can bump your case to the front of the line for “dire need” cases such as a terminal illness or soon-to-be homelessness. Are you in danger of losing your home and have nowhere to go?

  • Social services — You may be eligible for state or county assistance or community programs such as food stamps, food shelves, state health insurance plans, temporary housing, or vocational training.

  • Medical services — We can help you locate free and low-cost clinics so that you can continue treatment important to your health and important to your disability claim. Some doctors will also defer payment until you are approved for Social Security benefits.

  • Financial services — We can connect you with financial planners or debt counseling services to explore mortgage assistance, reverse mortgages, dipping into retirement funds, and other interim solutions for your financial crisis.

  • Legal services — We can put clients in touch with fellow attorneys who can handle bankruptcy, divorce, special needs planning, and other legal issues stemming from their disabling condition.

Helping You Through The SSD Process

Our Social Security Disability claim lawyers in Portland serve claimants throughout Oregon, Washington, and in many other states. We invite you to call or contact us online. There is NO OBLIGATION to hire our firm and there are NO FEES unless we secure your disability benefits.