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Vocational Eligibility and Disability Benefits

July 20, 2021

Navigating the Social Security Disability system can be daunting, especially when you are dealing with the pain from your disability or other medical condition. You shouldn't have to worry about whether your pain is “bad enough” or your condition is “serious enough” to get your SSDI benefits claim approved. That's why the experienced lawyers of JP Law PC are here. Because SSD and SSI claims are the only types of cases we handle, we have gained significant experience in preparing strong claims for our clients and aggressively appealing when the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies claims the first time around. We know that successful claims require persistence as much as thorough preparation and a well-developed medical file.

Establishing Eligibility— What You Need To Know

There is more than one way for your disability to qualify you for SSDI benefits. The SSA maintains a list of physical impairments and mental disorders that establish eligibility for benefits, and in some cases, an applicant's condition will perfectly match one of these listings.

In many cases, however, even serious conditions will not match up perfectly with a predetermined SSA listing. Just because your impairment is not officially recognized by the SSA does not mean that you cannot obtain the benefits you need. You may be eligible for a “medical vocational allowance,” which is granted in cases when a condition similar to one included in SSA regulations prevents you from engaging in a “substantial gainful activity.” In other words, if you have a serious disability that completely prevents you from working, we can help you apply for SSDI benefits.

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