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Experienced Oregon Social Security Disability Attorneys

July 20, 2021

You are not required to hire a lawyer — a lucky few do qualify for disability benefits without any help. But you should seek legal help if your claim is denied. The Social Security Administration itself recommends hiring a lawyer for the complex hearing and appeals process. And, yes, it does make a difference who you hire: A non-attorney advocate? Their hearts may be in the right place, but most advocates do not have the legal training, courtroom experience or body of knowledge to win your benefits. A big-name nationwide firm? Their TV commercials may mention thousands of cases, but the junior associate or advocate who actually shows up for your hearing may have very little experience — and won't know you from Adam. A general practice lawyer? Social Security Disability is too complex and fact-specific to trust your case to someone who “occasionally” handles disability claims.

The lawyers of JP Law practice exclusively in Social Security Disability law. We have dedicated our careers to helping people who cannot work because of physical or mental disabilities. Our experienced and caring attorneys have succeeded at every level of the Social Security Disability process.

Hiring Our Lawyers Versus Hiring An “Advocate”

Many people are authorized to advocate for claimants, but often they have zero credentials or experience. Even those advocates who have legal training or actual experience with disability claims are not as qualified as their attorney counterparts. In fact, we can't think of a single reason to choose an advocate over the dedicated and compassionate lawyers of JP Law:

  • Knowledge of disability law — We know the SSA regulations, the case law and the legal distinctions in a way that most non-lawyers simply do not.

  • Medical knowledge — Our deep knowledge of the disability listings and medical jargon enables us to decipher medical records and work together with your doctors.

  • Courtroom experience — Our lawyers have argued on behalf of clients in hundreds of ALJ hearings. We are not intimidated by judges, and we help our clients prepare for the questions they will be asked.

  • Legal skill — We know how to cross-examine the SSA's medical experts and vocational specialists, which can be very influential in your case.

  • We lay the groundwork — We anticipate negative rulings and purposely raise issues in hearings that we can later appeal.

  • We handle our own appeals — A non-attorney advocate is not permitted to represent clients in federal court. Many disability attorneys farm out their appeals to other lawyers. JP Law has extensive experience with administrative and federal court appeals.

  • Social Security legal fees are capped — An attorney is paid the same fee as a non-attorney advocate, so why would you not hire an attorney?

Lawyers For SSD Claims In Oregon And Beyond

Lisa Porter and Melissa Kenney are advocates in the truest sense of the word — caring, committed and capable of making a difference in the outcome of your case. Both of our attorneys are members of the National Organization of the Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR). Based in Portland, they take SSD and SSI cases throughout the Pacific Northwest, California and Hawaii.

For a FREE CONSULTATION with our experienced Oregon Social Security Disability attorneys, call or contact us online. There is NO OBLIGATION to hire our firm and there are NO FEES unless we win your case.