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Five Reasons Why You Should Have an Attorney for Your Social Security Disability Appeal

Nov. 10, 2016

Like many governmental applications, going through the Social Security disability process is never easy. Months, or even years of paperwork, phone calls, and examinations can be incredibly tiring and frustrating, especially when you are dealing with a debilitating health condition. Many people trying to get SSDI attempt to do everything themselves, including the hearing and representation process, and there are a few reasons why that may be a mistake:

Most Applications Get Denied

Social Security has an incredibly high rate of application denial – nearly 60%! Because more and more people are applying for SSDI these days, that rate will likely increase. When you have a qualified SSDI attorney on your side, you have a better chance of approval, due to the properly completed paperwork and professional advocacy.

Technical Hang-Ups Are Common

It's been estimated that over 30% of SSDI claims are denied because of reasons other than the applicant's medical status. Technical errors account for thousands of denied claims, including paperwork errors, miscommunications, missed deadlines or appointments, or incomplete medical forms. A trained benefits lawyer can help you avoid all of these common mistakes.

An Experienced Attorney Knows the Process

When you work with a qualified SSDI attorney, you can be assured that they know the ins and outs of the SSA system, and how to best expedite your application process. They can often anticipate any bumps in the road, and probably are familiar with the clerks, judges, and other administrators that will work on your case.

Medical Evidence Needs to Be Well Organized

When you are representing yourself in a hearing, it's hard not to become emotional or disorganized when asked to present your medical case. When you have a stack of doctor's notes, tests, and other paperwork, it can be helpful to have a legal team assist you in organizing, prioritizing, and clearly communicating your evidence in your appeal.

Benefits Attorneys Are Held to Professional Standards

As you approach your disability hearing, resist the urge to simply have a family friend or general lawyer represent you. An experienced SSDI lawyer is expected to meet certain standards on federal and state levels, adhere to a code of ethics, and know all there is to know about the SSA disability claims process.

By: Websol