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You May Be Eligible to Expedite Your Disability Hearing

Nov. 29, 2016

The vast majority of people who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will be denied at the first stage, and will continue on through the appeals and hearing process. Unfortunately, these systems are always backed up, leaving you with months or years of waiting, and when you are hurt or unable to work, this period of time is crucial. However, in some cases, you may be able to expedite your hearing for disability insurance, and be on the road to receiving benefits faster. While it is difficult to accomplish this faster process, having a qualified disability attorney on your side may help, since they can tell you if you meet any of the following criteria for expedited disability insurance processing:

1. Dire need

Claimants whose situations are especially urgent or precarious have the opportunity to write a “dire need letter” to the Office of Adjudication and Review, outlining their individual circumstances. If you truly are at risk of losing your housing to eviction or foreclosure, or losing access to necessary medications, you may be eligible for an expedited disability insurance hearing under the “dire need” clause. Your situation must be serious to be considered, but a lawyer will be able to guide you if you may meet these standards.

2. On-the-record review

Another way to potentially hasten your appeal process for disability insurance is to formally ask for an “on-the-record review,” or OTR. This asks the hearing office to review your case file on the record, prior to your hearing date. In some cases, this will provide enough evidence to get a ruling earlier, or avoid the disability insurance hearing altogether. However, your medical evidence should be comprehensive and compelling for you to ask for an OTR for disability insurance.

3. Congressional inquiry

On occasion, a claimant in need of disability insurance may contact their local congressperson or senator's office, which will launch a so-called “congressional inquiry.” This may or may not help your case, but it likely will not hurt it, to have a political representative call or write to the SSA on your behalf. In some cases, this may help your disability insurance hearing get scheduled sooner.

Each and every claimant's case is different, so it's important to speak with a qualified disability law firm about your individual circumstances. You may be eligible to expedite your SSDI hearing, so it couldn't hurt to get in touch with us about your case. Conact us today to get started!

By: Tara